Zombie Chaos returns...

The first three books in the series are being republished with new covers and some additional material. Don't worry if you've already read books 1-3, you will be caught up in the new books. Book 4 - Scout's Horror, will launch in early March. Escape from the Big Easy (Book 1) launched yesterday. Click the Read More to check out book 1 - Escape from the Big Easy. -- It's also in KU so you can borrow the book as well.

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FREE Zombie Chaos Short Story

Even kitties sometimes have to kill zombies. Follow our favorite ferocious kitty as she lays waste to some nasty puss-buckets.

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Waking Up in Arcania: Non-Player Character Book 1

Sometimes, self-awareness isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. My name’s Joe, and I’ve died over ninety-thousand times. Until recently, that didn’t bother me one bit. After all, I’m a non-player character in a virtual fantasy game. Or at least I was. Now, I’m not sure what I am.

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