Escape from the Big Easy – Zombie Chaos Book 1

I’m out of shape… sort of misanthropic… and carrying my cat. Rick Grimes I ainʼt.

What would you do if you received a three-week warning of the coming zombie apocalypse? How would you prepare? What if the warning was wrong – and the undead rose a full week before you were ready?

Youʼd be screwed, just like me.

I may be luckier than most, but Iʼm still in a jam. After weeks of prepping, Iʼve gotten caught in the same zombie crapstorm as everyone else. To accomplish my plans and stay alive, I have to rescue my wife, Clare, and travel 1,300 miles through Americaʼs zombie-infested countryside to the safety of northern Michigan.

But, first, I have to Escape from the Big Easy. With our cat, Azazel, in tow – and sheʼs one pissed-off kitty.

Escape from the Big Easy is the first book in the Zombie Chaos series. If you like the drama of The Walking Dead, the gore of Romeroʼs Dead series, and the humor of Shaun of the Dead, follow Joe on his journey through zombie-filled New Orleans.

Join the survivors and pick up a copy of Escape from the Big Easy today.

This book contains foul language (he’s fleeing from zombies, so there’s gonna be some F-bombs), graphic descriptions of gore (um, zombies), and quite a bit of misanthropic snark.